​Hear Make Heard 

This 10-page concertina illustrates my personal experience of living in a foreign country and my journey to find my own cultural identity through overcoming a lot of difficulties during this time. To show my person changes and developments in London (where I lived for four years while studying), I have visualised 5 keywords which help to define my time abroad "Aspirations", "Setbacks","Loneliness","Homesickness" and "Effort". ​I have displayed these through various typefaces both in English and Japanese, illustrations and materials. ​The image on the front and back covers represent the change in my appearance from before and after moving to the U.K. The most obvious distinction is that I have changed my hair colour, bleaching it as I was influenced by the Western obsession​. 


違う文化の中で様々な困難を乗り越え、自らの文化的アイデンティティを発見していく過程を表現したアコーディオンブックです。異国での変化と成長を表すため、日本語と英語の様々な字体、イラストレーション、マテリアルを用い、「憧れ」「挫折」「孤独」「ホームシック」「奮闘」 の5つを可視化しました。