​What Beauty Means

With the development of social media, I find as women we often value ourselves by the number of 'likes' we receive on a post and are constantly comparing our appearance with the 'ideal women' that has been manufactured by the beauty and fashion industries. In such society, many women might misunderstand the meaning of true beauty. 

With this hypothesis as a starting point, I interviewed 100 women about their perception of beauty in today's society.  Without a detailed explanation, I asked them one question "Do you think you are beautiful?" and for them to answer with just "Yes"or"No". Those that said "Yes" their image was printed in colour and for "No" black and white. Once I had interviewed 100 women, I exhibited my survey results for the public to see. 

My aim is to make people in the digital age think about "What beauty really means". From the individual expressions in these pictures, we  might be able to find out why they self-identified themselves as beautiful or not. 

SNSの発達により、メディアによって作り出された「理想の女性像」と自分自身を無意識に比べ、「いいね」の数ー 他人軸で自分を評価することが増えた時代。このような社会背景の中で、多くの女性は美しさの意味がわからなくなっているのではないか。そんな疑問をスタートとし、100人の街中の女性たちに現代社会における「美」に関する調査をしました。


彼女たちには具体的なことは何も説明をせず “Do you think you are beautiful?” 「あなたは自分が美しいと思いますか?」という質問をし、”Yes”か”No”の二択で答えてもらいました。


そして、「はい」と答えた人はカラー、「いいえ」は白黒で印刷し、オーディエンスに「本当の美しさとは何か」を考えてもらうことを目的に、 調査結果を最終デザインとして展示しました。

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Central Saint Martins

Foundation Show 2015


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